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Charity of the Year

Tewkesbury Running Club is proud to work each year supporting charities in the local area. Each year a charity is selected by the members to be our nominated charity.


The Club runs events throughout the year to raise money for the selected cause, from Club social events to the Guy Fawkes 5 race held each November. At the end of each year the proceeds of our fundraising efforts are presented to our chosen Charity.


In recent years we have supported CLAPA, Friends of Alderman Knight School and the Scoo B Doo Neonatal charity.

Our Charity of the Year for 2022 is SARA

After many worthy nominations, the members present at the 2022 AGM voted that the Severn Area Rescue Association - SARA - would be our nominated charity for the year.


The committee has also agreed to reserve £1000 for local charitable requests, linked to health and wellbeing and education.

This will be divided into 4 individual donations of £250.

About SARA
SARA Tewkesbury is a volunteer search and rescue team based at the Fire and Rescue Station in Tewkesbury and is one of five that makes up the association. 

SARA is an Inshore Lifeboat and Inland Search and Rescue organisation covering the River Severn, it's estuary and the surrounding area.

SARA supports HM Coastguard and Police, Fire & Rescue and Ambulance Services 24/7, 365 days of the year.

SARA is an independent organisation, and is a member of the South West England Rescue Association (SWERA).

For further details, please visit the SARA Website.

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