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Our Committee 2022

Nigel Tillott


“ They say life begins at 40. For me running began then.With a growing midriff and the need of a goal I was challenged to run the London Marathon. I got fit ,trained hard and was then disappointed with my time. I had the bug but without a chance encounter with a TRC member that would probably have been the end of my running. I was persuaded I would be fine at a running club and have enjoyed the support , camaraderie and friendly rivalry ever since. I am proud to be Chair of this friendly club with something for everyone who wants to run at whatever level”

Suzanne Tharme


"I have not always run, in fact I used to hate it. It was not until we moved to Tewkesbury in 2000, that I thought about giving it a go. I was introduced to the club by a neighbour and have not looked back. The encouragement and friendliness has always been the mantra of the club, which has enabled me to achieve more than I would have ever believed possible."

Noel Green


"I joined TRC to meet new people who also had an interest in running when I moved to Tewkesbury in 2016 and found a very friendly and welcoming club. I now look after the pennies and the club kit.

I run primarily to keep fit but do enter an occasional race which tends to include a "challenge" each year."

Roy Northcott

Club Captain

"I’ve always been fairly sporty, but hated running. However, the London Marathon was on my ‘must do’ list so I had to start. It was supposed to be a one off, but it didn’t go quite as planned and I didn’t hit my 4hr goal. Hence, I had to have another go and was lucky to get another ballot place the following year (2008). It was during training for this that I joined the club, to help give me extra motivation to get the training runs in, especially the long ones. Hit my target that year, but by then I was hooked and still thought I could improve. I’ve been running with the club ever since, and involved with the committee for a good few years. 46 marathons later I’d like to say I’m still going strong, but have been struggling for a while. If it wasn’t for the club I’d probably have given up, but the camaraderie is great and keeps me going. Hopefully my mojo will return at some point, but until then I’ll plod along and try to help and encourage others along the way."

Michael Younger

Vice Captain & Club Coach

Nick Curd

Club Chamionships Secretary

Gary Duxbury

Guy Fawkes 5 Co-Director

Jon Mansfield

Guy Fawkes 5 Race Director

I don’t really enjoy running - it's no secret. However, nothing keeps you fit like running. Initially, I first stumbled into triathlons in 1997 from a non-swimming, non-cycling, and non-running background, so I know what it’s like to struggle and finish last in a race! It took a lot of dedication to become a five-times Southwest regional triathlon champion, 1/2 Ironman winner, Olympic and Sprint distance winner - both locally and overseas. The simplicity of running is brilliant - you just run! I ran my first non-stop hour with TRC and have benefited from many runs with the club. When I joined, it was just a dozen guys running around town - now, it’s an incredibly diverse, inclusive, and friendly club with lots going on. I thoroughly recommend joining the club. It's terrific value and will certainly enrich your life.

Emma Smith

Social Secretary

"How did I get into all started with a drunken NYE and signing up to the Cheltenham half marathon. I trained during the hottest summer ever in 2018, I trained and ran the race alone - I HATED IT. 
I didn't run again and then in the summer of 2019 I came across Tewkesbury running club.  Since then I've broken every PB, completed a virtual marathon and gained some amazing friends. 
I'm not a speedster, but I'll always run with a smile on my face.  This club and it's members kept me sane during covid lockdowns and I love wearing the black and gold representing them in races"

Cameron Pay

Social Secretary

"I have a wife , 5 children, 2 grandchildren, a dog and a cat. I run to get out of the house and because I like cake."


Welfare Officer

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