Member of the Month


  • January

With the season of darkness upon us, the club is safely in semi-hibernation. The virus continues to erase our activity calendar and for many, the epoch of incredulity.  However, our member of the month for January is undeterred:  Simon Crilley has been showing us the light with his constant commitment to getting out of the door and running.  Often 6-7 days a week and at quite a relentless pace.  Several times through the month when conditions made it by far the best option to stay indoors, he was outdoors – come rain or shine, day or night.  He has even been adjusting his pace over the weekends to appreciate the benefits of a more leisurely run… something he has found difficult in the past!  As well as his excellent commitment to the task, Simon has always displayed his considerate nature and always has time for fellow runners, which is a lovely attribute during this period. Congratulations Simon.

  • February

And in no time at all, the month was over.  February has never been a good month for running - what with Valentine’s Day weakening limbs and blurring vision.  Something that could help refocus and recover limbs was needed so fortunately, the club had an invitation to attend an informal series of Yoga classes – perfect for dark and damp nights!  James Aubury was our yogi and he took it upon himself to encourage as many as possible to join him.  With so much positive feedback and introducing it to us in this format, James blossomed into our Member of the Month for February.  Namaste James.

  • March

Our Member of the Month for March is a brave COVID-19 survivor, our most senior runner, and someone who has bounced back with great form in our virtual challenges.  Mike Ward had been in hospital with the virus and it didn’t go unnoticed that his chances of recovery were made good due to his fitness.  Although he’s just 85, the regular runner does suffer the occasional seasonal cold but C-19 is a very different threat and does attack the respiratory system with little mercy.  Mike’s healthy lungs were surely a great advantage in battling the terrible illness.  Back on his feet, he soon took on our virtual competitions and has now built herself back up to the 10km distance. Best wishes Mike and congratulations.

  • April

April was the month one of our most legendry runners leaped back into action by running in as many marathons in the month that most of us would do in a lifetime!  He also indulged in his 74th birthday on the 20th.  Yes, Phillip Howells is the club’s member of the month.  There isn’t enough space to write worthy accolades for Phillip here, however, his drive and gritty determination to complete 100 marathons, 100 trail marathon, and 100 Ultras was in full display in April as he did complete the first ‘100’ with his 100th trail marathon – that’s off-road to many of us.  With the virus affecting events over the last year, Phillip really did not have the option of rolling out of bed and doing a local race, he needed to travel to the North East of England to run on the banks of the River Wear, and in unfavorable conditions.  So quite an epic achievement under the circumstances – even for the popular Ledbury legend. Congratulations Phillip.

  • May

With the summer sun starting to shine and late evenings tempting, the club has had a new driver behind our running meets – arranging COVID safe groups and sending out enticing reminders of what the club has planned.  I’m sure everyone has seen the name Chris Duckworth on social media invitations;  Chris’s timely communications with the club has been the perfect helping hand to bring the runners back into the group surroundings that have been missing for such a long time.  Club committee member Chris also had a helping hand in putting an easier and more active face on the club website.  With the racing year still struggling to get... running, it has been marvellous having a club comms refresh and it is clearly beneficial to the smooth running of the club. Our Member of the Month for May – Congratulations Chris. 

  • June

With our sporting lifestyles slowly taking shape this summer, one club member in particular has been shaping up activities for us to indulge in. Club Captain Fantastic, Roy Northcott has done a sterling job with virtual runs and he really lifted the club’s participation by rolling on with his smoothly organized 5 mile handicap series – always one of the most engaging 'social' events of the season. Many thanks to Roy for hosting another year and for the work that goes behind it. Congratulations Roy, our Member of the Month for June.