April 14, 2020

Some 16,000 runners took part in this half which is basically run on the the less attractive parts of the London Marathon route. A very chilly day and early start, in addition to not the prettiest course, led to this not being the greatest supported race in the calendar. One big highlight was crossing a crowded Tower Bridge at around 7 miles.

Four runners from the club took part: Dave Aguirre, Samantha Robinson, Sheena Moseley and Laura Kent.  Linda and Mike Younger were there in support, walki...

October 21, 2019

Mike and Linda Younger hosted another one of their increasingly popular ‘Tewkesbury Running Club On Tour’, as 14 TRC members went to race the Krakow Half Marathon on Sunday 13th October.

Along with he 14 club runners, a total of 23 people enjoyed the long weekend break in Krakow - enjoying the unseasonably warm weather that follows TRC on all their abroad races! The group found Krakow a beautiful city and the food and drink proved to be amazingly cheap.

As usual, everyone couldn’t resist using too...

August 25, 2019

Seven members took part, together with 370 others, in this ever popular event. There was a slightly altered course, which was generally viewed to be a bit on the short side of 10K. You will all recall that it was a very hot & humid day.

First home for the Club after a great run, continuing his fine recent form, was Simon Crilley 8th overall and winner of the vet45 prize.

Chris Duckworth was next home after a decent run.

He was followed a little while later by, in quick succession, Nick Curd, Chr...

August 18, 2019

Sunday saw the club outing to the Salisbury 54321 Trail Runs/walks. 15 members took part in various events. They were supported by Pete Davies, photographer for the day and Richard Cowley.

Our sole participant in the 50k ultra was Phillip Howells. He battled on to finish whilst the rest of the crew went to a fine inn for a meal.

Angie Sadler and Nigel Tillot ran the marathon which proved to be a mile longer than the prescribed distance. They ran the whole way together with Angie dragging, a not at...

May 10, 2019

Starting with the 2,271 runners in the 10k, the club had just four runners taking part

Mike Younger, not wanting to push too hard during his post-injury comeback, paced wife Linda. They had a half decent run with Mike inadvertently pipping Linda by 1 second - much to John Tharme’s delight after Linda did the same to him in Berlin. Oddly it was a personal best (pb) for Linda who has run at a much quicker pace in less common but similar distances but has strangely run few 10Ks. Laura Kent started t...

April 21, 2019

Eleven club members plus Julie’s fiancé Perry Zatman (prospective member) enjoyed a Friday to Tuesday break in Berlin, primarily to run the half marathon.

Food, drink and sightseeing inevitably took over. The weather was amazing, not a cloud in the sky; seems to follow this group around. Temperatures have since plummeted!

The plan was for ten of the members to run as Mike Younger had not run for 5 weeks following a knee ligament injury on the cobblestones of Cape Verde. Mike had not taken his...

September 24, 2018

Seven Tewkesbury Run Club members, together with a Paul Moseley and Dan Chandler in support, flew over to Hungary to join around 13,000 others in running the Budapest Half Marathon around the beautiful city, crisscrossing the Danube.

Having arrived early Saturday evening, the runners had to be up early to walk 2.5 miles to the start for an 8.00 am kick off.

Unfortunately, the early part of the course was quite narrow and, despite being started in six waves, the runners found it difficult to get up...

February 17, 2017

Great four days in the lovely city. On the day it was mild at 13c but very windy and threatening to rain. Just under 16,000 ran, including the 8 of us from the club. We were supported by Laura Kent and Sheena’s husband & son, Paul & Ois.

Please see below pictures. Unfortunately only have the one of all eight of us in civvies.

Results were pretty much as expected, though I was expecting to be in high 1.40 hrs as I have started to feel form coming back since Linda Franks. Indeed, I was through 5...

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