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Edinburgh Marathon

Is was an unusually warm and sunny day in Scotland for the popular Edinburgh Marathon (& half marathon).

Over 30,000 runners took part and amongst the 60,000 legs were some little Tewkesbury stars.

Mike Younger ran his first marathon at the tender age of 65. Fabulous on many levels for Mike to train so well and cross the line in relatively fine shape.

Samantha Robinson equaled Mike’s achievement by crossing the line but for Sam, it was the end result of the club’s beginner’s course. In around 12 months Sam tuned herself into a marathon runner of a tidy standard and choose the day before her 50th birthday to perform on the 26.2 mile capitol course.

Sheena Moseley, like Sam, appeared from nowhere and filled the shoes of a creditable runner. Her running has also impressed around the country lanes of Gloucestershire; along with Sam, she teamed into a dedicated training squad including Mike, Mike’s wife Linda, John & Suzie Tharme and also Julie Symonds who also ran in Scotland.

Julie headed the Tewkesbury contingent over the finish line with a personal best time of 4:07. Taking around 18 minutes off her previous best marathon time, Julie has moved up in the Tewkesbury ranks and is a fine credit to the club.

Julie Symonds 4:07

Sheena Moseley 4:59

Samantha Robinson 5:00

Michael Younger 5:00

In the half marathon event, Tewkesbury’s V60 Terry Ballard laid down a respectable 2:05 performance.

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