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Riverbank Rollick

Whilst most of my teammates had succumbed to a flat fast and very urban 5 miler (Linda Franks Five) it was back to what felt like school days cross country for me. Lots of farm tracks and mud at Thornbury's Riverbank Rollick. Much more enjoyable than I thought it would be and some lovely touches from the organisers. Marshals in fancy dress including a 'Gestapo' lookalike telling us to "run faster peasants this is the master race " - had me chuckling through the mud before also meeting long John Silver and Mr Blobby on the Severn wall. Then there was the medal in 3 parts - with 2 more races to complete to get the other 2 - great marketing! Even a stream to run along at the end to clean off the shoes and the gooiest cake ever!

Nigel finished in 35th place, 4th in his catorgory. Time; 1.11 hr.

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