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Gloucester 20 mile.

Tewkesbury had a fine selection of athletes racing in the Gloucester 20 last Sunday.

The event is normally used as part of their marathon training, not least to see how their training has progressed and even to gauge what target pace to race 26.2 miles at.

Finishing first for Tewkesbury in an impressive 2:36 hrs, Stuart Coxshall. Stuart’s a tidy runner but his 20 mile time has surprised many!

Our leading pensioner was victorious in her V65 category – absolutely blowing away her competition in 2:46 hr.

Nick Matthews ran 2:51 over the country lane course which was affected by gusts of wind. Julie Symonds timed a neat 3:00 hrs performance and Barry O’Driscoll is showing signs of his former self with a solid 3:21 hrs.

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