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Cranham Chase

One of the best summer events has to be the Cranham Boundary Chase. Taking place during the Cranham fete after a 4pm start, the run takes in an undulating double loop of the valley side.

Featuring as one of the club’s Club Championship events there were some keen Tewkesbury runners hoping to impress.

Alec and Elaine Vincent are enjoying a busy 2017; despite reaching milestone birthdays this year they have muffled the call of Golf, Bowls and Bridge and immersed themselves in running events.

Alec lead the Tewkesbury runners over the tough six mile course with a fine run and pushing hard up the final climb, he managed to hold off race favourite Gemma Hargraves – spectators were aghast only to later find out that Gemma went off-course for a mile.

Alec did claim first V40 for his efforts and top club points whilst Jon Mansfield arrived late and could only look-on.

Incidentally, Jon’s first task when he drove through the village was to round-up a flock of lost runners. Included in the said flock was Elaine and Barry O’Driscoll. Before they could rejoin the course for the second loop, they had to tackle a cruel climb out of the valley.

Elaine went on strongly despite the detour and put an impressive 2 minute gap into Barry who really could have done without the extra value.

Despite the commotion in the village centre, eyes were on another exciting head-to-head between Natalie Jenks and Jane Sauer.

At a far both girls seem somewhat laid back but on closer inspection, they are both frightfully competitive. Jane’s form is not quite there with her training patchy however, she displayed smart tactics and stuck close to Natalie.

History tells us that Natalie has had issues during afternoon events and a commotion in her shorts paved the way for Jane to make her move and never look back.

Credit to both girls for their brave runs. Had Gemma and our 2nd claim Shona Crombie-Hicks (2 of the county’s top runners) not been racing, the Tewkesbury pair would have sealed a famous TRC 1-2.10th

Alec 47:55 1st V40

20th Jane 51:23 1st V35

24th Natalie 51:58 2nd V35

48th Elaine 63:03

54th Barry 65:17 minutes.

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