Cheltenham 1/2 Marathon

The Cheltenham Half Marathon was a big event for Tewkesbury. With different and improved organizing from the previous years, the stage was set for the big performers. But, once the rain started, both spectators and runners were asked for more.

As far as accolades go, Gary Duxbury came through to take 2nd MV60 against a French international runner.

Julie Symonds, Natalie Jenks and setting his bar higher, Mark Parker were all strong performers.

Jon Mansfield celebrated his birthday the night before and found the going soft after six miles. He had to dig deep to fight off 'second-claim' Tewkesbury star Shona Crombie-Hicks who made the last seven miles uncomfortable.

Alec Vincent landed across the finish line after an 18 hour trip from the Falkland Islands.

Stuart Dudfield ran with Cathy as she shocked herself with her best 1/2m time for 9 years!

Teresa Roberts took to the streets (without Goldie) with her 'Lifting the Blues' charity and had run with her group of around 40 others.

Keri Spry was glorious completing the race in great shape after some terrible bad luck with injuries over the last 24 months.

For Elaine Vincent, it was mission accomplished after she was one of the high profile victims of last year’s horrendous traffic jams. She continues to impress as she now shines as one of the clubs most outstanding 2017 performers.

Making a rare race outing, Andy Corbett was determined but agonising just outside 2hrs. Likewise, the old club secretary Steve Wiggall ran solid in his home town event.

Dave Aguirre continued in his purple patch by adding the CHM to his year’s achievements. Keen Chris Duckworth took on the race feeling fairly confident after a decent performance in May’s Tewkesbury event; alas Chris had a digestion issue and the run became particularly difficult to stomach. To his credit, he finished and straight away set his sights on the Stroud Half.

Sheena Moseley, like David Aguirre, continues to build on her fine run in Belfast. Our heroine from Belfast, Laura Kent ran just a few minutes outside her Belfast PB time though Cheltenham proved to be considerably tougher over the last few miles.

Lindy Fouracre ran in Linda Younger’s shoes while she continues to recover from her hammy injury. Credit to Lindy who hadn’t run for a month, never mind trained for a Half.

Sam Robinson surprised the Prestbury Park crowds with an unaccustomed finish – she increased her pace smoothly throughout the course and then, without warning, she accelerated in to a turn of speed that outstripped those around her - incredible to witness.

Before the race.

After the race.