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March Race Highligths

Gloucester 20 mile.

Based around Haresfield, the GL20 is the traditional preparation race in time for the London Marathon the following month. In most cases, the runners hit their marathon race pace safe in the knowledge that if the wheels fall off, then they have a few weeks to make adjustments! Sounds simple but there can be complications. A quartet of exciting women paced ahead of John Tharme with Suzanne finishing first in a stylish sub 3 hours. Julie Symonds timed an impressive 3:02 while ‘Welsh Marathon’ bound Kerri Spry ran within 3:05 proving good form ahead of the maiden Newport event on 29th April. Excitable Jenny Gardiner followed Kerri in 3:06 and admitted to have suffered from the “hills and heat”. John completed the testing distance in 3:08 hrs.

02:54:08 Suzanne THARME

03:02:12 Julie SYMONDS

03:04:38 Kerri SPRY

03:06:35 Jenny GARDINER

03:08:00 John THARME


Not for the faint hearted, the local event that always clashes with other local races featured 3 familiar hardy runners from Tewkesbury RC.

James Head 2:05 hrs

Paul Mason 2:20

Karen Likeman 2:35

Pendock Spring Chicken.

More details to follow. For now the results from the club runners.


6th John Gundy 41:32 minutes (1st V40)

9th Alec Vincent 44:01 (2nd V50)

44th Chris Duckworth 51:21

67th Paul Booth 54:41

92nd Graham Spaull 56:57

153rd James Aubury 66:43

155th Phillip Howells 67:17 (3rd MV70)

5 km.

4th Paul Douglas 20:38 mins

London Landmarks Half Marathon.

Some amazing achievements and stories from the capital. Despite the requisite sight-seeing, PB’s for Laura, Sam and by a cheeky 35 seconds, Dave! Fine comeback runs from Mike and, after a 4 month hiatus, Sheena. Lindy was magnificent keeping pace with Laura.

1607th David Aguirre 1:50:00 hr:min:sec

5118th Sheena Moseley 2:13:32

5158th Mike Younger 2:13:50

5159th Sam Robinson 2:13:50

6126th Laura Kent 2:21:20

6126th Lindy Fouracre 2:21:20

Mortimer Forest.

Rearranged from 2017, a splendid event near Ludlow in Shropshire. Bordering on being a fell race for us mere mortals. Mark completed it in a very healthy time.

23rd Mark Gardiner 1:15:42

The Grizzly (modified Cub course).

Sunny Devon changed into snowy Antarctica overnight and the ‘bucket list’ Grizzly 20 mile event didn’t take place due to health & safety concerns and a softer 9 mile option was staged.

32nd Jon Mansfield 1:13:14

349th Paul Mason 1:30:48

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