Budapest Hungary Half

September 24, 2018


Seven Tewkesbury Run Club members, together with a Paul Moseley and Dan Chandler in support, flew over to Hungary to join around 13,000 others in running the Budapest Half Marathon around the beautiful city, crisscrossing the Danube.


Having arrived early Saturday evening, the runners had to be up early to walk 2.5 miles to the start for an 8.00 am kick off.


Unfortunately, the early part of the course was quite narrow and, despite being started in six waves, the runners found it difficult to get up to their desired pace. This, coupled with a very hot day despite the early start, led to disappointing times for most. Only Laura and Sheena were happy with their performances. Sam was actually happy to just complete the course having rolled her ankle, which was still swollen and bruised, as recently as the previous Mondays' club run. And, of course, Linda is still on the long road back to running fitness following her nasty accident and injury just over a year ago.

The runners were going well up to around halfway but mostly faded badly as the temperature rose. Finishing times were:



1:55 Mike Younger

2:01 Dave Aguirre

2:06 Linda Younger

2:10 Jo Chandler

2:13 Sheena Moseley

2:29 Laura Kent

2:34 Sam Robinson


Not allowing the race to spoil their break, the party stayed on for a couple of days to do some fine dining, drinking and sightseeing. This really is a lovely city.



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