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Club Championship (incorporating Men's, Women's & GfA).

The club championships incorporate the King of the Roads, Queens of the Roads and the Good for Age competitions.


Each category has a 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize with the 1st being the large and historic club shield which some of you may have seen before.


To prevent a possible clean sweep, runners can only win one of these majors with the priority in the above order.


This is how it works:


We (the club) have selected a wide variation of 20 local events from 1 mile to the marathon distance. They have been chosen due to their atmosphere, organisation, easy to get to and ease of completion. We have tried to include a mix of distances, locations and in some cases, support to charities and our neighbouring clubs. All of the events are highly recommended.


19 events plus any worldwide marathon = 20


​From the 20 events, your best ten performances against one and other are used to add points to the league tables. If you chose to run more than ten, then the extra events score you an extra 2 points each.


The GfA scoring will be adjusted using the good for age calculator


For the three Parkrun events, we will use your best time of the year for each of the courses. The ‘year’ is from January until the last CC racing weekend.


Where there is an event that attracts more than 25 club runners i.e. 32 finishers, then the scoring with work down from 32.  But, if an event only 3 runners finish, they will still get the standard 25 downwards. 


2023/24 events are listed below.

20 Fission, Berkeley 20 mile
18th March
Westonbirt House (DBMax) 10k
7th April
Bourton One Mile
12th May
Dymock - Option of Half Marathon or 5 mile
28th May
Stroud Beer Race 7.2 miles
31st May
Gloucester 10K
25th June
Blaisdon 10k
Bugatti 10k
9th August
Pershore 10k
27th August
Alderton 5k
16th September
Angels 10k
17th September
Stroud Half Marathon
29th October
Newent 9k
19th November
Linda Franks 5 mile
21st January 2024
Staverton 10 mile
TBC February 2024
Park run – Evesham
Park run – Cheltenham Pitville
Park run – Worcester Pitchcroft
Any Marathon
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