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Club Constitution

Club Constitution


Club Details:


The name of the club shall be Tewkesbury Running Club (The Club).

The Club colours shall be: Black Vest with Gold Diagonal Stripe.

The Club will be affiliated to the sport’s governing body, England Athletics, and will abide by the rules and regulations set down by UK Athletics (UKA).


Aims & Objectives:


  • The aims and objectives of The Club shall be:

  • To provide a running club for Tewkesbury and the local community.

  • To provide structured training sessions to help improve stamina and technique.

  • To provide a safe and friendly atmosphere to run/jog.

  • To provide advice and encouragement.




  • Membership of The Club shall be open to all persons aged 18 or over, irrespective of ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, or beliefs. Runners between 16-17 shall need a guardian while running with the club.

  • All members shall be amateurs as defined by the current rules of UKA.

  • Members entering an event that have stated on any entry form that their affiliation is to Tewkesbury Running Club, must wear The Club colours, (special dispensation is given when running for charity).

  • The Club membership year shall be April to March.

  • The annual membership fee for all members shall be agreed upon at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the upcoming club membership year.

  • Any member whose subscription is six months in arrears, provided a months’ notice has been given, shall have their membership revoked until all overdue payments have been received by The Club.

  • Should the conduct of any member render it necessary, he/she may be expelled from the club by the votes of not less than three-quarters of the committee present at a Committee Meeting called for the purpose.


Annual General Meeting:


The AGM shall be held towards the end of The Club year and will consist of but not be restricted to:

  • Secretary’s report

  • Treasurer’s report

  • The election of club committee members

  • Presentation of Awards

  • London Marathon Club Allocation

  • Any other business


At least fourteen days’ notice of such a meeting must be given in writing to all members. All notices for the agenda must reach the Secretary at least seven days before the date of the meeting. Notice of items for discussion under “any other business” shall be handed to the Secretary in writing before the opening of the meeting.

All nominations for committee members should be given to the Secretary at least three days prior to the AGM or at an Extraordinary General Meeting.


Extraordinary General Meeting:


An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at the discretion of the Committee or must be called by the Secretary within fourteen days of the receipt by him/her of a requisition signed by not less than ten members. The reason for this meeting shall be given to all club members. No other business shall be dealt with at such a meeting.


The Committee:


The Committee shall consist of members of The Club, who will endeavour to ensure the Objectives and Aims of The Club stipulated above are met. The Committee meeting shall be convened by the Secretary of The Club every 6-8 Weeks.


Note: Details of each post can be seen in the attached appendix.




  • All Club monies will be banked in an account held in the name of The Club.

  • The Club Treasurer will be responsible for the finances of The Club.

  • A statement of annual accounts will be presented by the Treasurer at the AGM.

  • The Club is classed as non-profit making and all surplus income is to be re-invested in The Club.

  • Any cheques drawn against Club funds should hold the signatures of (any) two officers who are nominated on the bank mandate.

  • Any expenses made on behalf of The Club by members or the Committee, should, in principle, be agreed with at least The Treasurer or in absence, The Chairman.

  • Claims made by members against Club funds must be submitted with a receipt unless by prior agreement with the Committee or the Treasurer.


London Marathon Club Entry Allocation:


The London Marathon Club Allocation will be decided at the AGM, persons eligible for a club London Marathon place(s) must meet the following criteria:


  • Is a paid member of the club in the year preceding the London Marathon.

  • Is a paid member of the club the year of the London Marathon.

  • Had entered and has been rejected from the general ballot.

  • Has not received a London Marathon club place the previous year.


Amendments to the Constitution:


The Constitution shall not be altered except at the AGM or at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for the purpose. The Committee shall, however, have the power to add to this Constitution should it not comply with the rules of the sport’s governing body.




Tewkesbury Running Club hereby adopts and accepts this Constitution as the operating guidance for The Club.







  • Chair all Club Meetings.

  • Officially represent The Club as required and be the focal point for all external local authority/community relations as required.

  • To be an ambassador for The Club in relations with all external sports bodies and local clubs.

  • Ensure all other Committee Members fulfil their roles and responsibilities.

  • Arbitrate in any internal Club dispute.

  • Hold the ‘casting vote’ in a drawn Club or Committee ballot.




  • Record and maintain records of all formal Club meetings.

  • Publish all Committee meeting minutes to the membership.

  • Receive Club correspondence and disseminate as appropriate.

  • Send out (an) e-mails to remind members that annual fees for the forthcoming year are due.

  • Receive membership application forms.

  • Maintain a database of Club Membership details to include Club Members Name, Address, Email, Phone Numbers, Age and Gender etc.

  • Manage and maintain Club affiliations – Namely the England Athletics and other appropriate organisations.




  • Maintain accurate records of all Club financial transactions.

  • Maintain accurate records of Club assets and those currently accountable for their safe keeping.

  • Manage The Club cheque books ensure the maintenance of necessary signatories for Club cheques.

  • Bank monies on behalf of The Club.

  • Prepare and report Club financial status to the Committee.

  • Prepare and present a financial statement to the AGM.


Club Captain & Vice Captain


  • Welcome and introduce new Club Members.

  • Attends Club committee meetings and represent the views of the athletes.

  • Communicates with fellow club members and provide support and advice where needed.

  • Is a positive role model for all members of The Club.

  • To be responsible for organising race teams to represent The Club.

  • To ensure all Club races are promoted (working with other members)

  • To ensure that local events of interest are promoted within The Club and a calendar of events be available if appropriate.

  • A point of contact for all members about any general matters.


Race Director


  • To organise or assist all race events associated with The Club, namely the Guy Fawkes 5.

  • To develop a team within The Club that ensures the objectives of these races are met.

  • To select suppliers, partners, and sponsors in support of all races

  • To liaise with all outside authorities as required.

  • To ensure all races are publicised, promoted to the required level.


Media & Communications Co-ordinator


  • To be responsible for the creation and development of the website and social media outlets.

  • To provide the local press with appropriate race reports for publication.

  • To select and appoint members within The Club to help provide relevant content.

  • To manage and maintain all forms of communications media (social media, e-mail circulation etc).


Co-opted Members


  • Support all other committee members in completing assigned tasks.

  • Help the development of new members in The Club as required.

  • Support the organisation of Club supported events.

  • Help manage the membership by being good ambassadors for The Club.

  • To initiate and coordinate The Club’s social events calendar.

  • To communicate social events to The Club members and encourage participation.

  • To be proactive and look to support The Club development as required.


Road Running Secretary


  • To organise the Road Race Championship.

  • To choose the numbers of races required to make up the championship.

  • To collate and disseminate the championship table throughout the year.

  • To advertise and promote participation in the selected events.


Cross Country Secretary


  • To promote participation in cross country events

  • To promote participation in the Gloucestershire AAA cross country race series.


Social Secretary


  • To organise all social events throughout the year namely, Beer & Bike, Christmas party, Brecon’s Walk etc.

  • To liaise with all venues as required

  • To book any catering requirements that may be required.

  • To communicate social events to The Club members and encourage participation.


Note: Committee members can hold more than one position.


Privacy Notice


Tewkesbury Running Club


Privacy Notice for Members




1.    Background


From May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to voluntary organisations such as Tewkesbury Running Club.  There is a lot of jargon used within the GDPRs, but basically, this is about how personal information about individuals is collected, used, and looked after.  This document sets out the detail about how the personal information provided by you will be used and looked after and explains your rights in relation to it.   


2.    Our commitment to you


Our commitment is to: -


·         Keep personal information provided by you safe and private.

·         Not use personal information for any purposes other than in connection with your membership of Tewkesbury Running Club, for the effective running of the Club and to keep you informed about developments at the Club and our activities. 

·         Make it easy for you to approach us if you have any concerns or questions relating to the holding or use of personal information.


3.    Who we are and how we operate


Tewkesbury Running Club is a club for runners from the Tewkesbury and surrounding areas of all abilities.  We seek to run the Club as informally as possible and to provide a friendly and supportive environment for those who run as a hobby, which might be through training opportunities, encouraging participation in races, through friendly competition and social activities. 


There is more information about us on our website (


The individual responsible for data protection matters at Tewkesbury Running Club is Nigel Tillott whose email address is


4.    How information is collected from you


Initial information about you may be provided by prospective members who contact us through our website, by email or telephone.  Occasionally we may be given details of an individual whom we are told may have an interest in joining the Club and we may make contact in those circumstances. Please ensure that all personal information is accurately provided as the information which is held is only as accurate as the information provided in the first place. 


5.    What personal information will we collect from you


We will require contact details including items such as name, address, telephone number and email address and will also require emergency contact details.  


Members are registered with England Athletics which in turn provides insurance and allows a discount on race entries for most races.  In order to register a member certain information is required in addition to basic contact information.  Your gender and date of birth will be required for these purposes and is likely to be required for other purposes such as race entries or Club competitions.  We will also ask you to provide, but not require that you provide, any relevant health information which may be of relevance when you are running with us. 


6.    What will the personal information be used for


·         Support and services: -


  • To provide support and services to you as a member.


  • To ensure vital interests: -

In situations where your health or welfare is at risk, we may provide information to others, such as emergency services to ensure, so far as possible, your health and wellbeing.    

  • When it is our legal obligation

It is most unlikely that we will have an obligation to provide information to others such as Regulators, but we may provide information to them if required to do so.

  • When legitimate interests apply 

We like to inform Club members of races, training opportunities and chances to get together to run and participate in social events.

We also like to share news about the running activities of members, for example, to ask of their participation in races or race reports referring to them and quoting times.

Clearly, we will not do this in such a way where there is any perceived detriment to members in doing so.  If though as a member you do not wish us to undertake any of these activities please contact and confirm the type of communications listed above which you would not wish us to undertake.  


·         Other


We may also use personal information for management and statistical purposes including retaining a membership list.  


7.    What about outsourcing

We will pass personal information to other organisations from time to time, not for them to use for their own benefit but rather to assist us.  This might, for example, include providing information to an auditor, to assist with the efficient administration and running of the Club, providing our IT needs and services for the benefit of the Club.  


8.    What happens if I don’t wish to provide personal information to Tewkesbury Running Club?

Without the information required by England Athletics, we will not be able to register, and you will not be able to remain a member of the Club.  Without basic contact information, we think it unlikely that your membership can be effective.


9.    How long will Tewkesbury Running Club keep personal information for? 

We will only retain personal information: -

·         If you are a Club member for the duration of that membership and for no longer than 1 year after membership ceases.

·         If you are not a member but we get information about you as part of enquiries about membership we will delete such information within 1 year of the last communication received from you or it becomes clear you do not wish to become a member, whichever is the later.  If you ask us to erase information held about you prior to this, we will do so. 


10.  Your rights in relation to the information held in relation to you


·         Access - the right to make what is known as a Subject Access Request to obtain a copy of the personal information which we hold about you.  If you make such a request we are required, in most circumstances, to provide a copy of the personal information without charge and within 30 days. 


You may also seek confirmation of the nature of the personal information which we hold about you without seeking a copy of the information itself. 


·         Correction – it is important that you keep us up to date with any changes to the personal information provided. Subject to that you have the right to ask us to correct or complete any inaccurate or incomplete data held about you.  It is possible that evidence will be required of the new information provided.


·         Erasure – you are entitled to ask us to delete or remove personal information held where there is no good reason for us to continue to hold it.  It may not always be possible to comply with your request due to ongoing obligations in relation to personal information.  Where this is the case, you will be informed and be told of the reasons why it is not possible to comply with the request.


·         Object to processing – you may object to us processing personal information.  There are some circumstances in which it will not be possible to comply with your request, for example, if it is necessary to process the information in connection with obligations which we have and which have been explained to you in this document.  If you object to us processing information which has been processed under the legitimate interest head, we will stop processing it.


·         Restriction of processing – you may ask us to suspend processing of personal information in the following situations: -


o   If you want the data accuracy to be established.

o   Where the use of the personal information is unlawful, but you do not want it to be erased;

o   You need the data to be held even though we no longer require it as you need it to establish, exercise, or defend legal claims; or you have objected to the use of the data by us but we need time to determine whether we have overriding legitimate grounds to process it.


·         Request the transfer of information – sometimes rights apply to request a transfer of personal information held to other organisations, such as another organisation to provide similar services and facilities to those provided by ourselves.  This right only applies to personal information that is processed by automated means and is held because it was necessary for the performance of the contract with you or personal information which is processed on the basis of your consent.


11.  Keeping personal information safe


We have put in place appropriate security measures to prevent the personal information provided from being accidentally lost, used or accessed in an unauthorised way, altered or disclosed.  Access to personal information is limited to the Club secretary, committee members and other members who have a need to know in relation to specific Club purposes, for example, the organisation of specific events for members.   Procedures have been put in place to deal with any suspected breach of the requirements under the GDPRs.  You and/or the Regulator referred to below will be notified of any potentially significant breach.


12.  What happens if you want to complain


It is hoped that you will not have cause to complain.  If you do complaints should be referred to Nigel Tillott in the first place where possible.  In the event that it is not possible or appropriate to refer a complaint to Nigel Tillott it may be referred to the Regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) whose address is: -


Information Commissioner's Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

13.  Miscellaneous


·         It is not anticipated that any personal information will be transferred outside of the European Union.  We will notify you if this position changes. 


·         We don’t anticipate using automated decision making in relation to the personal information provided. 


Dated March 2024

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