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The Lord & Lady of the Land.

The club's off-road running series featuring events not on the roads​.

The winners of each race, male and female, will get 25 points. 2nd place gets 24 points and so on down to a minimum of 2 points. Everyone gets at least 2 points for participating.

Your best 10 scores over the series count, but to encourage you to do more than 10 you will get 2 points for each additional race.


For the Parkrun events, we will use your best time of the season for each of the courses.

The Road Series operates on a similar scoring system and you can only win one (1st, 2nd or 3rd) in one series.


So what are you waiting for – dust off those trail shoes, the trails really are the place to be leaving all those roads behind!

This seasons events are listed below.

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