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Would you like to join the club?

Or have a question to ask?

Just hop along and 'try us out' for a couple of weeks.

No obligations and if you like us, then join the club.


Please use this box to send us a message and we will guide you through the 'becoming a member' path.


You can also email:

The 12 month membership fee of £27 includes affiliation to England Athletics - this includes benefits such as discounted race entry fees, Power of 10, and insurance!

Success! Message received.

Membership form below



£27 for 12 months



(living at the same address) £49 per year.

For those who are already in a club and would like to join us too, then please become a second-claim member - To become 2nd claim for us, you will need to pay by cash/cheque/BT and send us your details. Email and we will take it from there. 2nd claim is £22. Please note that EA charges a £10 admin fee!

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