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Hall of Fame

Tewkesbury Running Club is nothing without its members, and each year we celebrate their hard work and dedication with a prize giving at the AGM.

Despite the trials and restrictions placed on us all during 2021, our members have yet again put in many memorable performances over the last 12 months.

2021 Award Winners.


King of the Road

1st – Chris Nicholls

2nd - Nick Curd

2nd – Alan Whitby

3rd– Noel Green

Lord of the Land

1st – Nigel Tillot

2nd - Will Holyoak

3rd - Dave Aquirre

Handicap Series

1st – Pete Davies

2nd – Laura Kent

2nd - Jennifer May-Byrd


Queen of the Road

1st – Jane Sauer

2nd - Sue Baldwin

3rd – Sarah Dennis

3rd – Sam Robinson

Lady of the Land

1st – Sue Baldwin

2nd – Sheena Moseley

3rd – Suzie Tharme

Performance of the year – Carley Merriman

Improver of the year – Tom Lee

Club person of the year - Cam Pay

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