Training Sessions

We hold three sessions throughout the week that cater to ALL abilities.  However, with respect to the COVID-19 situation, we have had to manage our run sessions slightly more formally:

Please can you fill in your weekly club run plans on this simple form HERE  This way we can arrange the groups to suit your wishes.

With regards to our virtual run challenges, HERE is the form you need to complete to be included.

Finally, there is a new way of arranging informal runs.  Just use this form HERE   So if anyone fancies some company on a weekend run, for example, a simple message will go out and others may join you. N.B First-timers, please let us know and we can look out for you and help you get settled in.

           Monday Nights 18:30 hrs.


Beginners & Improvers Group

Our Monday evening runs offer a variety of distances and pace. There is a soothing 10-13 minute/mile group for the slightly apprehensive beginners.  In addition, there is a smaller group who run a little quicker and even a smaller group who run even quicker. We aim to ensure everyone is happy with the distance and pace and we always reevaluate how things go once we start off. Please meet in the Morrison’s car park near the Cash Machines and Café/corner by the cycle path. 6.25pm for a 6.30pm start.

           Wednesday Nights 18:45 hrs.


From the same meeting point as Monday, our Wednesday evening also offers a variety of paces and we always run back at specific points along the routes to make sure no one is left behind. Distances are typically between 5 and 10 miles with stops along the way to regroup. With the evenings getting lighter, we can use more scenic routes. In general, the groups leave from 18:45 hrs with the easier pace group starting first with the quicker groups later.

           Friday Nights 18:30 hrs.


Speed & Technique

The end of the week finishes with our beginners and improvers ‘speed & technique’ session. Focusing on efficiency, technique and looking good. Do as much or as little as you feel. Proven sessions to help you improve. We start with a relaxed warm-up, then 30 minutes focused training, the warm-down, ending with some stretching. We meet at the Mitton shopping arcade/outside Woody's at 6.30pm to get going for 6.35pm. Please come and try the Friday sesh at least once - if you're unsure phone 07811 389994 and we can walk you through it.