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Result, Results, Results

Angie Sadler was the first placed woman at the Evesham Ultra. 52 miles, though Angie did a couple extra due to a wrong turn! Covering tough sections of the North Cotswolds including Broadway and Winchcombe. Her run of around 10 ½ hours stands her in good shape for her familiar visit to The Comrades Marathon in South Africa this month.

The Stroud Trail Marathon and Half Marathon on the same day featured several Tewkesbury runners; most noticeable Barry O’Driscoll’s return. Nigel Tillott placed top ten in the Half (near 14.5 miles in fact), Stuart Dudfield ran well though may have aggravated a niggle, Teresa Roberts was excellent, Mike Roberts impressive while Cathy Dudfield, who has been working hard on her trail running lately, had a tough morning. In the marathon event, Roy Northcott enjoyed himself completing the challenge.

In the Berkeley 10km Jon Mansfield and Wes Reid had the pleasure of being beaten by three times Ironman World Champion and World Record holder Chrissie Wellington OBE. Jon, being the perfect gentleman, let the BBC Sports Personality of the Year finalist finish in 9th ahead of his 10th placing. Wes, on the other hand, had a quick night which saw him sprint finish to time under 58 minutes and just one second outside of his 10km PB!

At the latest sunny Tewkesbury Parkrun, Carol Cowley, Neil Cameron and the impressive Pat Cameron all show the youngsters a trick or two! Nicola & Cameron Pay were also running around the Vine Yards course.

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