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Pendock Spring Chicken

The Popular Pendock Spring Chicken races took place for the 11th year on March 17th. Although the rain stayed away for race day, the night before was subject to some humongous volumes of rain, so much so that parts of the road sections were completely covered in water! Coupled with a soggy off-road section, runners were treated to some least-expected challenges. Nevertheless, the ethos of the event was outstanding with a fun-filled family atmosphere and resolve to not let the dreadful weather win.

Tewkesbury Running Club have always affectively been involved with the Pendock school-based event, with Nigel Tillott as race director and our recently crowned ‘Improver of the Year’ Hannah Moon, being the schools' Head Teacher. Alas for Hannah, as she had to withdraw from the 10km race only to hand-out the individually designed medals with her torn achilles! 

With a 1km event and 5km event also taking place on the day, the 10km event featured as part of the club’s race series and several members were hoping to gain race points in addition to supporting the school’s fund-raising cause. 

With school parent Chris Nicolls leading the TRC contingent through the first flooded section, he went on to run the first mile in less than six minutes, a pace that following Alec Vincent and Jon Mansfield could only watch from afar. 

The course was very technical, and care and consideration were equally as demanding as the puddle hopping.


As the race panned-out, it was Alec who waved the Tewkesbury flag across the finish line first. Jane Sauer led the girls home strongly ahead of Sue Baldwin and it was V70 winner Mungo Park who took the headlines with, not just a great performance, but a splendid covering of mud, from a slip he’ll never forget. 

Pictures below, including the 5km runners for TRC. Bravo to all who helped in the tricky conditions and those who ran. Pendock school raised £3,300, an excellent sum. All eyes are on the weather forecast for the 2025 Spring Chicken... the course should have dried-out by then. 

12th, 44:02 mins, Alec Vincent 

13, 44:19, Jon Mansfield 

21, 47:32, Andrew Gillett 

26, 48:56, Clive Sentance 

48, 52:58, Jane Sauer 

75, 56:16, Christopher Nicholls 

77, 56:38, Sue Baldwin 

80, 57:11, Elaine Vincent 

82, 57:15, James Gribble 

88, 58:30, Sarah Dennis 

91, 58:52, Mungo Park 

133, 1:07:42, Tracy Tailford 

144, 1:11:37, Stephane Plisson 

149, 1:11:56, Jude Rodrigues 

156, 1:16:16, Lynda Gardiner 


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