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Laura & Linda star in Berlin

Eleven club members plus Julie’s fiancé Perry Zatman (prospective member) enjoyed a Friday to Tuesday break in Berlin, primarily to run the half marathon. Food, drink and sightseeing inevitably took over. The weather was amazing, not a cloud in the sky; seems to follow this group around. Temperatures have since plummeted! The plan was for ten of the members to run as Mike Younger had not run for 5 weeks following a knee ligament injury on the cobblestones of Cape Verde. Mike had not taken his kit, other than his running shoes for walking. He was, however persuaded to run and had to go shopping for kit on the eve of the run.

A fabulous event with the 29,000 finishers. Glorious race weather, reaching 22'C in the afternoon, though a little cooler for the run.

Despite a bit of a hamstring niggle Suzie Tharme cruised in first in a good time. Ian Smith followed with Julie Symonds hot in his heels. Linda Younger and John Tharme followed, running together the whole way until Linda showed John a clean pair of heals pushing for the line. Next came Dave Aguirre who was going well until he was hit by cramp and consequently left disappointed. Lindy Fouracre followed, doing well considering her training base. Mike Younger, after 5 weeks of no running, decided to not do silly things and ran with Sheena Moseley. There followed a nice steady run which both were happy with. Laura Kent and Samantha Robinson set off together but Laura broke away after 6 or so miles and spent the next six catching Sheena and Mike. The three crossed the line arm in arm. ANOTHER PB FOR LAURA! Samantha followed after a good steady run. Great race in a great city.

Suzie Tharme - 1.51.31(hrs.mins.secs) Ian Smith - 1.54.59 Julie Symonds - 1.55.04 Linda Younger - 1.58.45 John Tharme - 1.58.46 Dave Aguirre - 2.04.51 Lindy Fouracre - 2.08.09 Mike Younger - 2.14.14 Laura Kent - 2.14.16 Sheena Moseley - 2.14.17 Sam Robinson - 2.25.21

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