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Salisbury 54321 - the club away-day.

Sunday saw the club outing to the Salisbury 54321 Trail Runs/walks. 15 members took part in various events. They were supported by Pete Davies, photographer for the day and Richard Cowley.

Our sole participant in the 50k ultra was Phillip Howells. He battled on to finish whilst the rest of the crew went to a fine inn for a meal.

Angie Sadler and Nigel Tillot ran the marathon which proved to be a mile longer than the prescribed distance. They ran the whole way together with Angie dragging, a not at his best, Nigel along for the last few miles. They finished 20th and 21st of over 200 on this tough course. Angie finished as 2nd lady. The half marathon shared the same first few, very hilly, miles with the longer events. This was also longer than normal at 13.6 miles.

First home was Vlad Venglar, an excellent 6th place out of 224. Vlad had only a week before finished a running challenge which saw him cover 225 miles in 14 days. As a result, prior to running he had no idea what sort of form he would show.

Elaine Vincent and Suzie Tharme followed, running the whole way together. They were very happy with the run on the back of a lack of training.

Next in was Carol Cowley, again content with her run bearing in mind a lack of training.

Mike Younger followed, not so happy with his run but it did follow a month of holiday and illness.

Talking of a lack of training, Dave Aguirre struggled round. His only running in the previous few weeks had been the short Monday club runs.

Finally, after another fine performance, July runner of the month Lesley Allaway came in.

Sam Robinson, Sheena Moseley, Linda Younger, Laura Kent & John Tharme chose the half marathon walking event.

This was no stroll in the park as they walked briskly round the same course as the runners.

They were part of a large group that took a wrong turn early on and finished up covering around 14 miles.

They covered most of the course together, with Sheena and Sam putting on a spurt over the last 2 or 3 miles. A fine event in a beautiful little city and wonderful countryside.

Phillip 8.24. Angie & Nigel 4.07. Vlad 1.37, Elaine & Suzie 2.07, Carol 2.09, Mike 2.15, Dave 2.32, Lesley 2.49. Sam & Sheena 3.36, Linda, Laura & John 3.40.

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