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Gloucester (Quedgeley) 10km.

Sunday 24th November 2019

It was perfect running conditions on Sunday for a gentle 6.2 mile jog around the country lanes of Hardwicke and Quedgeley.

Three members of Tewkesbury Running Club donned the Black and Yellowish-gold to tackle the relatively flat course but had a couple of surprising 'hills' to get up and over the motorways bridges.

Two Jolly Joggers stuck together from the start: Sarah Smith (EMMA 1) started to wobble between mile 2 and 3 and Claire Gent persuaded her to keep going. Everything was going smoothly until mile 5 where the wall hit Claire! This time Sarah wanted to slow things down to stay with her. Claire insisted that Sarah was to get her 10k personal best (PB) and urged her to continue but always kept Sarah in her sights right up until the end.

Sarah got her 10k PB - first sub 60 min and well under it with 57:41 minutes. Claire was just a mere 6 seconds after with a superb 57:47mins.

Jacqueline Skipper also ran unbeknown to Sarah and Claire until they all met up after collecting their medals. Jacqueline didn’t find the run easy but navigated the course well and came in with a fantastic 61:31 mins

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