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Weekend racing news from around GB

Lake Vyrnwy ½ marathon (in Wales) was treated to a guest appearance by birthday boy Alan Whitby. The finish line signalled an additional celebration for Alan as he broke the club’s record with 1:27 hr. He was already the record holder, however, to take 2 minutes off any standing record is incredible - especially for someone born just three years into Queen Elizabeth II's reign. His time today is one of the top ten V65 times in Great Britain this year.

In Gloucestershire, the Angels 10km had TRC out in the sunshine over a course that is unchallenging until the 4km mark... from then it becomes a roller-coaster with one climb particularly troublesome!

The club did very well during the post-race awards with GAAA championship medals being awarded. Special mention to Sheena who picked-up a niggle mid-race and soldiered on bravely.


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