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Cheltenham Half Marathon Results:

Better late than never!

The popular Cheltenham event was a victim of it’s own success this year with thousands of cars queuing from all directions to enter the Prestbury Park car park through a single entrance. Over 1,000 runners missed the official starting gun with some starting an hour after the race gun fired.

Many TRC runners were affected too with Elaine Vincent still marooned in her car while the lead runners finished.

Nevertheless, there were big performances from Chris Goscomb, Jane Saucer, Mark Parker, Paul Booth and a big performance/disappointment for Linda Everis as she crushed her 2:04 hr target but was painfully seconds outside of breaking the 2.00 mark.

Jon Mansfield 1.24

Chris Goscomb 1.26

John Gundy 1.27

Alec Vincent 1.35

Tim Shattock 1.35

Mark Parker 1.35

Jane Sauer 1.36

Stuart Dudfield 1.39

Paul Mason 1.48

Sharon Peters 1.48

Paul Booth 1.48

Suzanne Tharme 1.48

Cathy Dudfield 1.54

Steve Wiggall 1.57

John Tharme 2.00

Linda Everis 2.00

Kim Boskett 2.18

Oh and the medals were rather impressive!

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