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Barcelona Half-Marathon

Great four days in the lovely city. On the day it was mild at 13c but very windy and threatening to rain. Just under 16,000 ran, including the 8 of us from the club. We were supported by Laura Kent and Sheena’s husband & son, Paul & Ois.

Please see below pictures. Unfortunately only have the one of all eight of us in civvies.

Results were pretty much as expected, though I was expecting to be in high 1.40 hrs as I have started to feel form coming back since Linda Franks. Indeed, I was through 5 miles 90 seconds quicker than I did that race. Explanation for me finding myself having to walk at times now evident - I woke yesterday to a chest infection and temperature!!

Official Results (chip):

Ian Smith: 1.49.52 Hrs. Mins. Secs. Recently rejoined us. Was a member a couple of years ago but is now a much improved runner. Big personal best (PB) for him.

Linda Younger:1.51.22 hrs. A rare race and her first half for over 5 years. Beat me for the second and last time this year.

Dave Aguirre:1.51.59 hrs. New member, Dave has only been running for a few months. Only races prior to this were Guy Fawkes & Linda Franks.

Mike Younger: 1.56.29 hrs. A personal worst (PW) by 8 minutes and over 18 minutes outside his best. On the way back though!

Lindy Fouracre: 1.59.38 hrs. Another new member. Her third half and her first sub 2 hours!

Sophie Bissett: 2.08.23 hrs. Yet another new member, persuaded into entering by mum Sheena. Sophie has only been running for 3 or 4 months.

Sam Robinson: 2.19.05 hrs. Another steady run by Sam. She is now looking forward to speed sessions and Bredon Hill runs.

Sheena Moseley: 2.20.14 hrs. Sheena was feeling a little under par, suffering from quite a cough, but soldiered on.

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