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Kymin Dash

Six Tewkesbury runners travelled west along the M50 to Monmouth to attempt the Kymin Dash – a hill race near a section of Offa’s Dyke.

The course started with a mile hill climb which was timed concurrently for runners to compete in the ‘King of the Hill’ race.

Once the course reached the top of the Kymin, the course became a joy of descending through forest before a pleasant 2 miles alongside the flowing River Wye.

In-form Vlad Venglar produced another fine run.

Michael Jackson managed to hold a 3 minute gap behind Vlad.

Paul Mason, who ran the event the previous year, followed Jacko by another 3 minutes.

Jon Mansfield struggled with the climbing before excelling with the benefit of gravity and claimed the 1st Vet prize.

Ben Reid made his first race appearance for several months and had to work hard in the sunny weather.

Karen Mason was determined and like Ben, worked hard as the midday sun shone.

Jon 5th 44:39 mins

Vlad 32nd 50:32

Michael 64th 53:29

Paul 93rd 56:37

Ben 254th 1:15:22

Karen 299th 1:28:04

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