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Broadway Tower Charity Race

This year’s Broadway Tower charity run was a huge success with a bumper attendance of runners and a bumper day of May sunshine. Taking 300 pre-entries, it was the biggest field ever recorded by some margin. Delighted to be involved, Tewkesbury Running Club displayed 15 runners and a healthy support team for the Wednesday evening lung stretcher.

Running along the streets of Broadway before sharply ascending to the picturesque tower. Once the tower was in sight, runners circled around it and then descended along a less extreme route.

Hoping to win, Jon Mansfield had to settle for 6th after being surprisingly out-ran over the last 1km. He did nonetheless claim 1st Vet.

Mark Parker followed Jon but the story was his battle with Stuart Dudfield.

Stuart's form surprised Mark and it wasn't until the race unfolded that he was able to reel-him-in on the way back down to Broadway. Mark extended his lead to 20 seconds by the finish though there was no mistaking how well Stuart ran to the tower.

Alec Vincent would normally be with Stuart but on this night, the elastic was snapped and Alec, though running fairly well, had lost Stuart by almost 2 minutes.

Mark Gardiner ran strongly on his first time in the 'tower run'. Some of the course is on private land so for some it's new experience!

Paul Mason has vast experience in races and there's little doubt that he played a tactical game to snatch ahead of Gary Duxbury and Natalie Jenks - not that those two were affected for long as they both secured category wins with Gary taking his second V60 title and Natalie walked away as first FV35.

Jane Sauer has been off her training recently and ran a brave race to set the pace for Natalie and the other three. She certainly gave her best on the night and stayed within seconds of the fast finishing group.

Cathy Dudfield was strong over the fields. Managing an impressing last mile, her performance almost matched her husband's.

Jude Rodrigues maintained he fine form of late. Not an off-road lover by any means however, he showed his versatility.

Nb. It's unclear why Jude is jumping the gate?

Chris Duckworth didn't want to miss out on Broadway; despite being poorly of late, he finished the 5.2 mile run comfortably.

Kevin Emmerson was a late replacement for Kerri Spry. Although being a talented runner, he got distracted by the surroundings and could not resist the opportunity to snap 20 or so photographs along the route.

Wes Reid is swiftly becoming one of the club's most prolific racers as he adds another medal to his collection.

Fearless Karen Mason achieved what many fear by completing the challenge in stifling conditions. Her drive can only be admired.

A message from the team behind the fabulous event…

We want to say a massive thank you to the RUNNERS (without you we would not have a race or be able to raise any money) HELPERS (so many offers to help) MARSHALS (even now all signed up to be in there same positions for next year)

We have got a few donations to come in and a few expenses to settle.

But we will be making a minimum donation of £2500 to Worcestershire Breast Unit Haven.

Pos Name Net Time Category Cat Pos

6 Jon Mansfield 00:37:03 MV 40 1

13 Mark Parker 00:39:03 MV 40 4

16 Stuart Dudfield 00:39:25 MV 40 6

24 Alec Vincent 00:41:11 MV 40 10

32 Mark Gardiner 00:41:57 MV 40 12

41 Paul Mason 00:43:19 MV 50 8

42 Gary Duxbury 00:43:20 MV 60 1

44 Natalie Jenks 00:43:27 FV 35 1

49 Jane Sauer 00:43:51 FV 35 2

113 Cathy Dudfield 00:51:14 FV 45 5

128 Jude Rodrigues 00:52:36 MV 50 20

171 Chris Duckworth 00:56:35 M sen 41

216 Kevin Emmerson 01:04:47 MV 60

227 Wes Reid 01:05:55 M sen 50

249 Karen Mason 01:21:20 FV 45 30

Pictures taken by Barry Cornelius, Carly Merriman and Kevin Emmerson.

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