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Berkeley 10k

Monday 9 May.

We few, we happy few, we band of runners. A race of drama (for some) even before the start. A car fire on the M5 meant that some of us who were due to arrive at 6.30 ended up getting to the event for 7...... Plenty of time to grab your number, use the facilities and warm up before the start at 7.15. luckily start was delayed till 7.30 .

Well all the club runners were out including someone I tussled with at Barry Island Parkrun the other week so this race draws them in.

It was hot, muggy and late in a long day.

A nice little group of us Tewkesbury lot made the trip to this lovely flat (ish) 10k race to have some fun. The majority of us sporting niggles or complaints about covid. We set off in fine spirit.

2 loops in and out of the village and then back to the start. It's really quite scenic if you're having a jog (so I've been told).

First back for us was me (Chris) with a time that was just over 1.5 minutes slower that the last time I did this course. Still green shoots as it was the longest non stop 'fast' run I've done for nearly 2 months.

Sue then came next totally focused across the line and unaware of the competition sneaking up behind her. Though a last sprint finish put pay to his opportunity to sneak past.

Mungo was next striding in behind Sue. Again I must be doing races wrong because he had a smile on his face at this point?

Sarah came in a little later determined to finish on a high also. It's brilliant to see how you all seem to have something there to give at the end.

We had a DNF with Amanda after the first loop with an Achilles injury. For me this showed some of the greatest strength I saw all evening. Knowing to listen to your body and saying 'thats it'.... A lesson we should all keep to mind ( yes I know I'm totally a hypocrite. But I can change!).

Sadly I've not got times for everyone. Results will be in soon.

Well done you all.

Race report by: Chris Nicholls

Results update:

Chris Nicholls - 41:40

Sue Baldwin - 49:40

Mungo Park - 49:56

Sarah Dennis - 52:21


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