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Cotswold Way

Here in Gloucestershire or here in the Cotswolds for that matter, the biggest running challenge is the Cotswold Way Century. It’s an event with a 30 hour cut-off time – easy, you probably think but there is 102 miles of the Cotswold Way to cover! Very much like our popular challenge in June only the runners start at Chipping Campden and don’t stop until they reach Bath.

It’s fair to say it’s probably the hardest challenge as a runner you are likely to face however, it’s the Cotswold Way, lovely scenery and quaint villages. Sounds fabulous but 1,000 feet climbs and descents, a night of storms and little respite would stop the most dedicated and determined athlete. However, Angie Sadler completed it for the second year running.

Her complete finish time was recorded as 28 hrs 38 minutes. This placed Angie as 3rd woman and 25th overall. To put this in perspective, 34 runners finished, 41 runners fell before they reached Bath. That is frightening statistics indeed.

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