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Immortal Sinner.

Day two of the Seven Sins took place on the Wednesday 28th December and it featured the infamous ‘IMMORTAL SINNER’ race; this race is the original Seven Sins twice, yes that’s right, double the seven miles and double the seven hills.

While Steve Maber raced in the 7 mile Seven Sins to finish 35th with a time of 1 hr 04 mins, his wife Karen took almost everyone by surprise and raced in the Immortal Sinner. With a first lap cut-off time of 1hr 15, there was no time for a prudent start. In fact, it put everyone under pressure from the start and left no room for rambling, losing shoes or tickling Wild Boar. However, once the first seven miles had been covered, the sinners were then able to ‘relax’. Karen, who has been focusing on longer training runs of late, excelled.

She finished 6th female and 50th overall in 2hr 51 minutes.

Nb. For those who need reminding she had to wade through the tunnels four times!

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