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Valentines Slaughter

Travelling up on to the Cotswolds for the Valentines Slaughter 10k race was Kevin Emmerson, Wes Reid, Steve Maber and Jon Mansfield. Far from the events in Chicago back in 1929 with Al Capone et al, the name Slaughter refers to the quintessential English villages of Upper and Lower Slaughter.

The temptation of an undulating course was enough to draw Kevin to the start line after a calf injury scare; in fine form after a Parkrun PB in January, Kevin soon found his calf rebelling and fearing further damage, had to pull-up after 2 km.

Wes Reid, again fresh from a Parkrun PB, ran with determination. Coming through the village alongside the River Eye near the 9km marker, Wes was shouting-out to amazed on-lookers “I’m on it, I’m on it”. Several minutes later it transpired that Wesley, cracked his 10k PB! An astonishing achievement given such a demanding hilly course.

Jon Mansfield and Steve Maber both secured top ten places with Steve in particular performing well when he out-sprinted a group of four with style. Jon stayed on the winners heals for the first seven minutes but much like a cut tulip after seven days, he wilted.

3rd Jon 38:48 minutes

9th Steve 43:21

55th Wes 56:14

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