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Manchester Marathon

Taking part in the 2017 Manchester Marathon were Tewkesbury's two most established distance runners Phillip Howells and Angie Sadler.

After the controversy of the course being short in distance last year by a couple of minutes or 380 meters to be precise, everything was in correct order this year. Phillip ran 4:43 hrs. Credit to him as he was at full stretch organizing the Poets Potter the day before. Quite remarkable, even by Phillip's standards, is that he ran a negative split (meaning the second half of the marathon was quicker than the first 13.1 miles) - this is also the youthful 69 yr old's best marathon time for three years.

Angie was triumphant with a 3:25 hrs race. She finished first V55 woman and 109th overall female from a very strong field. Nb. Think about how fast she ran - there's few of us can run that quick at 30 yrs never mind their late 50 yrs! Oh, and she ran an off-road marathon the day before too!

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