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Tewkesbury 1/2m Results

The results are in for this year's event - what a fabulous day.

Straight into the 'Hall of Fame' go Elaine Vincent with 3rd V50 (I have checked, she really is 50!) & Gary Duxbury with 3rd V60 (I have checked, he really is 60!)

Chip times are below (sorry if I have missed anyone)

1:24 Jon Mansfield

1:30 Mark Parker

1:32 Alec Vincent

1:36 Stuart Dudfield

1:36 Stauart Coxshall

1:38 Paul Farrington

1:38 Gary Duxbury

1:40 Natalie Jenks

1:46 Nick Matthews

1:47 Ian Smith

1:50 Roy Northcott

1:52 Julie Symonds

1:53 Elaine Vincent

1:53 Cathy Dudfield

1:55 David Aguirre

1:56 Lindy Fouracre

1:57 Claire Mires

2:03 Chris Duckworth

2:09 Neil MaFarlane

2:15 Sheena Moseley

2:19 Samatha Robinson

2:30 Wesley Reid

Nb. Russell Steele was forced to pull-out around half way with an injury and Vlad & Pete Davies DNS due to niggles.

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