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Woodchester Park

The Woodchester Park trail run is probably the toughest event in the club’s championship calendar; taking place around the National Trust woods on the outskirts of Nympsfield, the demanding course sends the runners over some quite frightening terrain with hair-raising descents and gasping climbs.

With the late summer weather taking a turn for the worse from the previous day with chilly wind and rain, runners couldn’t wait to get warmed-up by the 7.5 mile course. For Tewkesbury, it was one of those rare occasions when the girls outnumbered the boys on the start line.

Jane Sauer was running her first run since her last race back in August at Cranham – quite a long enforced break from running, so it was more than impressive that Jane claimed a podium place with a solid 3rd position.

Natalie Jenks made the trip down to her old stomping ground at Woodchester but was feeling the effects of a stomach bug so ran the course but without her normal race tempo.

With Alec Vincent in a supporting role after jarring his neck during the now, infamous descent off Bredon hill on last Wednesday’s club run, it was Elaine who was enjoying the woody paths and lake crossings.

Her running was strong and certainly kept Natalie on her toes.

Jon Mansfield had a race long tussle with former club member Simon Waters and was the first back for Tewkesbury however, all eyes were on Nigel Tillott who had the lead girl on his heels for the final mile climb back to the finish. With determination and without chivalry, he found the power to lead her over the finish line.

Jon Mansfield 55:22 mins

Nigel Tillott 59:28

Jane Sauer 65:46

Natalie Jenks 76:24

Elaine Vincent 77:26

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