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Evesham Festive 10k

The popular Evesham Charity event proved to be more popular than ever this year as it sold out!

Tewkesbury featured throughout as the newly married Owen Grant blazed away to victory. This proves that married life is no longer a valid excuse for slackness!

Rob Bowery followed closely as he continues with his great form to make the podium.

Shona Crombie-Hicks lead the girls over the off-road 10km course to win.

Mark Gardiner braved the driving rain and just placed outside of the top ten.

Chris Duckworth somehow managed to record a 10km PB. Credit due as the course was muddy in sections and must have made pace running difficult.

Fran Osborne donned a festive hat and jogged around with a niggle.

Terry Ballard made a rare race appearance. Wearing a fabulous jumper, Terry somehow got outrun by an elderly lady with a turkey on her head! Terry did well to get near the hour in such tough conditions but questions were asked as to why he didn’t grab hold of the turkey?

1st Owen Grant 36:13 minutes

3rd Rob Bowery 36:58

13th Mark Gardiner 41:55

17th Shona Crombie Hicks 42:51

48th Chris Duckworth 49:03

88th Fran Osborne 52:32

186th Terry Ballard 64:43

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