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Seven Sins

Results round-up from the popular Seven Sins events down in the Forest of Dean. Aptly named as the course is over seven miles and includes seven hills which are all individually named. Normally, there are two dips into the ice cold river – not crossing but actually going with the flow as it tunnels under the main road. This year it was just one submergence due the extreme weather conditions.

Safe to say the Tewkesbury runners made waves: In the Thursday event, thoroughbred athlete Owen Grant pulled away with such a lead that he was out of sight. Alas for Owen as he missed a key turn and had it not been for the River Wye, he would have continued running into Wales. With Owen AWOL, Rob Bowery (officially a Black Pear Jogger) led the runners first across the finish line. Jon Mansfield and Mark Gardiner followed a mile later. Nigel Tillott thought he had a bad run however, he didn’t as he was up against a strong field.

Likewise, last year’s 3rd placed woman Natalie Jenks was up against it and ran superbly to claim a close 4th

Thursday 28th December 2017

Natalie Jenks 67:17 (4th)

Rob Bowery 54:21 (1st)

Jon Mansfield 61:06 (12th)

Mark Gardiner 62:33 (15th)

Nigel Tillott 68:51 (41st)

Friday’s race had different conditions as an over-night thaw had happened. The temperature was in double figures and where there was ice, it had become mud. It’s debatable whether the conditions were harder to contend with but no one disputes with Cathy Dudfield; her running was strong and she just missed the top ten in a competitive women’s race that was bossed by Millie Barnes. Karen Likeman made her regular appearance in the woods and finished in a good tempo. Stuart Dudfield avenged Natalie with a slightly quicker race than 2016.

Friday 29th December

Cathy Dudfield 77:48 (11th)

Karen Likeman 82:06 (21st)

Stuart Dudfield 67:01 (14th)

Owen Grant returned to set the record straight on Saturday and paid more attention to the signage. The organizers were equally pleased to see him finish in tremendous style.

Saturday 30th December

Owen Grant 53:00 (1st)

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