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Bushley Mile

Official results are in already from the Bushley Mile.

Those that ran avoided the rain, which appeared to be falling all over the UK.

Personal best times from Chris Duckworth with 6:10 minutes – Chris had targeted deeply under 6 minutes but he inadvertently ran a long distance the day before and left his legs heavy.

Noel Green took 6 seconds off his 2017 time with 6:44 mins.

Jon Mansfield proved he doesn’t get better with age as his felt uncomfortable with 5:27 mins.

Paul Douglas sped along behind a push chair in 2016 so this year he found himself on Jon’s heals with an impressive 5:44 mins.

Mungo Park was just outside his 7 mile goal with 7:13 minutes.

Dave Aquirre would surely have set the most impressive PB had he not suffered from a tight hamstring after a desperate rush to make the start-line.

Cool operator Terry Ballard tried to avoid press attention by running in the Fun Run; his time of 8:17 mins is noteworthy.

Tewkesbury had no girls running though Cathy Dudfield, did pace behind her granddaughter until she felt the heat and resorted to watching from a-far as Chloe tussled with the leading girl.

Organisers Alec & Elaine Vincent ensured the day ran smoothly and overcame testing weather during the run-up by managing a healthy array of marshals and assistants.

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