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July event results

Frampton 10km

This popular Monday evening run sold-out in hours, for a few years now it has been one of the hottest 10k runs in Gloucestershire. This year’s was in the middle of the summer’s heatwave so the organizers set-up a second water station for gasping runners on their round a predominately flat pan-handle loop course. Several of the Tewkesbury runners had completed their stages in Saturday’s Cotswold Way Relay and were suffering a few aching muscles – in fact, Natalie Jenks’s had a pair of sore quads that she could barely walk with and refrained from taking part!

Chris Duckworth on the other hand opted out of the relay to focus on Frampton; obviously the conditions diminished any high hopes of a fast time. However, despite the heat and Chris missing a couple of weeks training, he finished in a satisfying 49:17 minutes. Like Chris, Annabel Roberts had fresh legs and although was a little hesitant before the start, she clicked into action from the gun and ran an incredible race with strength to challenge the lead runners. Her finish time was 41:54 mins and with that, she ran herself up to 3rd place female.

Simon Meadows had the form to finish in the top ten and he aired his new Tewkesbury running vest with a 37:41 minutes finish. Other ‘fresh legs’ on the course were owned by Barry O’Driscoll, the ‘9 marathons in 9 weeks’ hero. He timed 52:14 mins. Mike Bryce appeared in other club race to finish next behind Annabel with 44:13 mins. Dave Spence even surprised himself by making it to the start line; he looked good in TAC colours and ran a noteworthy 47:17 mins. Jude Rodrigues timed 54:33 mins and Mike Ward must have felt he was on holiday with the late evening sun and was forced to work hard for 74:56 mins. An excellent Vicky Earls timed just outside the hour as she maintains her good form.

The four runners who ran the Cotswold Way had indifferent results; James Head was asked to dig deep into his reserves to stay equal to Simon in the top 10. James manged to squeeze a 2 second lead ahead of Simon as they turned on to the huge village green. Shona Crombie-Hicks was outstanding; showing little signs of fatigue, she led the ladies race and claimed a prestigious victory. What was more astounding, Tewkesbury had two ladies on the podium, perhaps for the first time in a 500+ field 10k race.

Paul Mason and Jon Mansfield completed the Cotswold Way remnants and boy, did they struggle!

9th James Head 37:39

10th Simon Meadows 37:41

16th Jon Mansfield 39:12

21st Shona Crombie-Hicks 39:27

37th Annabel Roberts 41:54

71st Mike Bryce 44:13

111th Dave Spence 47:17

116th Paul Mason 47:39

143rd Chris Duckworth 49:17

179th Barry O’Driscoll 52:14

219th Jude Rodrigues 54:33

350th Vicky Earls 63:39

424th Michael Ward 74:56

Bredon Bash

The Elmley Castle cricket club based Bredon Bash has always been popular with Tewkesbury Running Club. This year it attracted Bredon based runners Ed Hardy and Paul Douglas. Paul stubbed his toe returning from the top and that left him in pain and lame for a few days! He still finished 10th in 46:10 while it was Ed at the sharp end as he finished runner-up with 40 minutes approximately. Shona Crombie-Hicks came 7th and was the winning lady again.

Paul Mason claimed 16th with 51:13 mins and Jude Rodrigues finished 43rd with 62:58 minutes.

Evesham 10k

Shona Crombie-Hicks returned to Evesham to defend her title as winning lady in the High street/Crown Meadow based 10k run. Her performance of 39:51 minutes secured her title in sweltering hot conditions. Terry Ballard timed 71 minutes over the course that traces the Avon before ending on Crown Meadow.

Gloucester City 10km

Nigel & Jude’s labour of love – a huge 650 runners packed into Gloucester Park for the popular charity focused event where the course passes some surprisingly interesting parts of Gloucester – a real eye opener for those interested in the heritage of the city. It was a very hot day and Nigel’s team operated the race to ensure everyone has a memorable experience.

Tewkesbury Running club had a light scattering of runners and it was new recruit Simon Meadows that lead the club home in 12th.

He led V50 & FV60 winners Jon Mansfield and Carol Cowley over the course where the shade was very much appreciated where it could be found.

Amanda Martin ran her first race in many months after shaking off an injury.

Chris Duckworth appreciated his new hair style in the heat as he ran on to record another 49 minute run… just 3 seconds quicker than his Frampton race.

Pete Davies knew he would be put to the test as the mercury was raising despite the 9am start time. He came in ahead of James Aubury who collected another medal for completing a course that many struggled on and included a ‘sting in the tail’ in the last kilometre.

Simon Meadows 38:53 mins

Jon Mansfield 39:54

Amanda Martin 46:32

Chris Duckworth 49:14

Carol Cowley 51:02

Pete Davies 66:37

James Aubury 71:42

Black Country Half Marathon

Just Simon Crilley ran for Tewkesbury RC in this Wolverhampton classic. Nobody knew he had entered so it came as a shock to see him geared-up on one of the hottest days this decade. His 1:42 hr finish is a credit to the work he has done on his running this year.

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