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Severn Bridge 1/2 Marathon

Cameron Pay travelled down the M5 to take part in the Severn Bridge Half Marathon.

Cameron used to work in Bristol for 25 years and has driven across the bridge hundreds of times and was attracted to the idea of running across it (the bridge is deceivably not flat and can be subjected to strong winds). Quite remarkably, it wasn't until after he had entered that Cam become aware that there is a footpath open to pedestrians and even a Saturday morning Parkrun ran on the bridge - he was a little annoyed as he set off at 7am towards Chepstow.

Just like the Pershore Plod race, the weather was "awful" but down on the Severn estuary, the runners had to contend with high winds and heavy rain which continued throughout the race (ignore the pictures - they are from 2017). Most runners kept their extra layers and bin bags on for the whole run due to it being so bitterly cold. Spectators very wisely stayed indoors too.

Despite the weather and the mist obscuring any views, he really enjoyed the well-organised event and with a finish place of 921st, his time of 2:07 hrs was better than his target 2:10. In addition and unbeknown to Cameron, fellow runners have contacted the club and sent their appreciation to what a good and supportive runner he is - we always recommend running with a big guy when it's windy so kudos to Cam for representing Tewkesbury successfully on the Welsh border.

A final thought from Cam; if he wishes to run over the bridge again, he will be waiting for a sunny day and do the Parkrun.

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