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Newport Marathon & 10km

Starting with the 2,271 runners in the 10k, the club had just four runners taking part

Mike Younger, not wanting to push too hard during his post-injury comeback, paced wife Linda. They had a half decent run with Mike inadvertently pipping Linda by 1 second - much to John Tharme’s delight after Linda did the same to him in Berlin. Oddly it was a personal best (pb) for Linda who has run at a much quicker pace in less common but similar distances but has strangely run few 10Ks. Laura Kent started the race with Samantha Robinson but broke away at the halfway point and finished inside the hour for the first time. Sam followed soon after with her own pb.

Eight members participated in the marathon on a fast, flat course with 2,089 participants

First home was Nigel Tillott with an excellent run. He will now be getting back onto his beloved trails. He was soon followed by Simon Meadows who was on course for a target sub-3 hours at the halfway point but was regrettably hit by a hip problem which resulted in him having to grind it out in pain simply to finish. Next home was Julie Symonds whose dedicated training finally saw her get inside 4 hours with a pb by a big margin. Then followed Ian Smith with another satisfying pb. Next home was Captain Roy Northcott, happy with his time following not perfect training. Another one under his belt. Dave Aguirre followed, another one with a pb, but was disappointed after suffering in the second half after a good start. Next came in Lindy Fouracre with a satisfying pb after far from perfect preparation. Finally, Chris Nicholls finished his first marathon. Finishing was an achievement after a recent painful injury and resultant lack of training. He started well but inevitably struggled over the second half of the course.

Thanks to Pete Davies and Tonia Whitebeam for the support.


Mike Younger 51.32

Linda Younger 51.33 PB

Laura Kent 59.13 PB

Samantha Robinson 1.01.25 PB


Nigel Tillott 3.17.06

Simon Meadows 3.17.50

Julie Symonds 3.57.23 PB

Ian Smith 4.04.54 PB

Roy Northcott 4.21.52

Dave Aguirre 4.50.55 PB

Lindy Fouracre 4.58.47 PB

Chris Nicholls 5.40.46 PB

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