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Pershore Plum 10k

Seven members took part, together with 370 others, in this ever popular event. There was a slightly altered course, which was generally viewed to be a bit on the short side of 10K. You will all recall that it was a very hot & humid day. First home for the Club after a great run, continuing his fine recent form, was Simon Crilley 8th overall and winner of the vet45 prize.

Chris Duckworth was next home after a decent run.

He was followed a little while later by, in quick succession, Nick Curd, Chris Nicholls and Sharon Lockley.

A great run from Nick in his first race, particularly as he has only been running for a few months.

Chris continued his great recent improvement. Sharon had warmed up for the race by running 10 miles the previous day.

Finally, James Aubrey then Lesley Allaway finished, very happy with their runs.

Support was provided by Mike & Linda Younger, Nick’s nervous wife Natalie and, in a marshalling role, Jon Mansfield.

Well done all on a steamy day. Simon 40:22 Chris D. 46:23 Nick. 50:29 Chris N. 51:24 Sharon. 51:55 James. 68:56 Lesley. 70:15

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