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AGM Awards Presentation

The recent club AGM was a successful evening and a glorious look back on the exploits from 2019. As well as reviewing the progress the club has made, the winner of the individual ‘Performance of the Year’ was announced - something that rewards an outstanding performance relative to the runner – perhaps returning from injury, a new distance, a new runner, a personal best or maybe achieving their goal after a long training plan.

Previous winners have all been female so would the trend continue?

2013 Fran Osborne

2014 Kimberly Boskett

2015 Angie Sadler

2016 Jane Sauer

2017 Laura Kent

2018 Shona Crombie-Hicks

This year nominations captured a varied range of performances including; -

  • Lucy Jones: won her first prize and lead the TRC women in the Croome Capability Race – despite the extra challenge of wearing slippery road shoes!

  • Chris Nicolls: a tough learning year for Chris who ran a 1/2m PB (after previously doing so over the Tewkesbury 1/2m course) on the undulating Dymock 1/2m course.

  • Alec Vincent: sitting most of the year on the side-lines with dreaded plantar fasciitis, bounced back with an outstanding performance over the Broadway off-road 1/2m.

  • Matt Flynn: back from injury and starred with a PB under 1:20 hr in the Stroud 1/2m – leading the club home.

  • Simon Crilley: a few outstanding runs – great at the Stroud 1/2m with a PB. However, the Pershore Plum race with a PB and his first trophy shone the brightest.

  • Ian Caley: ran huge 9 minute 1/2m PB and broke the 2hr mark in Stroud in October.

  • Angie Sadler: through extreme North Wales conditions, ran the Snowdonia Marathon in under 3:50 hrs as 1st V60.

  • Elaine Vincent: arguably her best run for TRC to date and a 1/2m personal best at Stroud.

  • Sharon Lockley: bounced back from a bad experience in Poland to record an impressive PB at Stroud.

  • Bridget Lockyer/Nick Curd/Duncan Tharme/Amanda Marshall/Dan Chandler: all five for their Alderton 5km performances but difficult to clarifier who impressed the most!

  • Alan Whitby: broke the club’s V60 10k record by 2 minutes also winning V60 in the Dave McNamee Memorial race. He also broke the 40 minute mark which was his ambitious target.

  • Gary Duxbury: Like Alan in his 60’s, PB’d by 2 mins in the Tewkesbury 1/2m.

  • Julie Symonds: broke the dream 4 hrs (PB) in the Newport Marathon.

  • Laura Kent: Berlin 1/2m finishing strongly to PB while those around her withered.

Committee members are excluded from the nominations but mention must go to –

  • Carly Merriman: her season/lifelong goal achieved by breaking 1:45 hr over the 1/2m – PB and goal scored after a heroic sprint to the finish line.

  • Suzanne Tharme: her impressive second 5k in the Bourton 10k led to her leading the TRC women across the finish line.

The winner on the 2019 Performance of the Year is Alan Whitby.

Following the PotY, the nominations for the Improver of the Year; again, maybe returning from injury but more so someone who has come a long way in 2019. A tough choice this year. Below are the previous winners.

2013 Rob Bowery

2014 Karen Maber

2015 Michael Jackson

2016 Mark Parker

2017 Chris Duckworth

2018 Vicky Earls

Despite a noteworthy 2019 from Nick Curd, Sharon Lockley and a late surge from Emma Smith, the votes covered just three runners;

  • Ian Caley

  • Simon Crilley

  • Chris Nicholls

The winner on the 2019 Improver of the Year is Ian Caley.

Before and during the night, the members were asked to consider and vote for their ‘Club person of the Year’? There were 6 members nominated and the trophy was awarded to: Sam Robinson for her enthusiasm, time given to support others, organisation and encouragement particularly towards newer runners to the club.

The club’s race series featured over 80 runners in both the ‘road’ series and the ’off-road’ series. The awards were presented by Chris Duckworth and Wes Reid:

King of the Roads (Men’s road race championship)

1st James Head

2nd Simon Meadows

3rd Chris Duckworth

Queen of the Roads: (Ladies’ road race championship)

1st Vicky Earls

2nd Sharon Lockley

3rd Shona Crombie-Hicks

Lady of the Land: (off-road series)

1st Carol Cowley

2nd Sheena Moseley

3rd Liz Spiers

Lord of the Land: (off road series)

1st Jon Mansfield

2nd Vlad Venglar

3rd James Head

Club Veterans (Good for Age)

1st Jon Mansfield

2nd Jude Rodrigues

3rd Nigel Tillott

Club Captain Roy Northcott and Mike Ward presented the Handicap series awards;

With record numbers averaging 28 with 53 different runners over the series.

  • 1st Jacqui Skipper

  • Joint 2nd Laura Kent and Kate Smith

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