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GF5 trainer collection...

This year, to further reduce our impact on the environment and encourage upcycling we are holding a collection at our race HQ (the Sports Hall) of all your old pairs of trainers. For 1 day only you can give us any unwanted trainers that you have been hording as they were too good to bin. Tewkesbury Running Club will then arrange to drop them off at our nearest JOGONAGAIN collection point. Please just pair the trainers up by tying the laces together and leave them at the drop point, before, during or after the Guy Fawkes 5 run on Sunday 6th November. There are in the region of 18 billion pairs of running shoes sold in the world every year - that's the equivalent to 2 pairs of running shoes per person on earth. Yet, there are millions who have no shoes and suffer from sole diseases. It’s believed that some 30+ million pairs of shoes end up in landfill every year! Many of these shoes have a lot of life left in them. We would like to do our bit, to get them to those who need them. We have partnered with logistics and distribution partners to get running shoes to some 15 destinations around the world. So, please look in the cupboard, garage, under the bed. They may be old to you, but we can give them another chance with someone else. Thank you for your support Find out more from their website


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