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Pendock Spring Chicken 2022

Finally after all this time we got to run around Pendock and up its ‘infamous’ Hill. For those of the club who signed up without prior knowledge, ignorance was bliss. Then there were those of us who signed up to the 10k knowing that we would be scaling that beast twice. I tried my best to persuade Nigel to use the nice, flat road path that leads round it but he likes making us do it! The monster.......

We had runners in all 3 distance events on Sunday and a really good club turn out considering the clashes (Cardiff etc.)

5k – Wes Reid completed the course in a good 34.20. Well done Wes, more on the cards this year?

10k – This distance saw the majority race around and over that Hill twice.

Chris Nicholls (yes typing about myself in the 3rd person is weird) was first home for the club in 11th place at 42.47. Taking a chunk of time off 2019’s PB of 58 minutes. Can he still use the excuse that he's recovering from a chest infection? I think so…….no?

Anthony Foy was next over the line 21st in 45.34. Tony seems to love hills so had no issues negotiating Pendocks undulations. I think he's just starting to find his stride this year.

First in for the women Sue Baldwin in 51st at 51.19. Smiling all the way. Who does that on this course? I'm obviously doing something wrong!

Sue's partner in crime Sarah Dennis came in at 54.53 in 78th place. I saw Sarah just after crossing the line enjoying a little lay down admiring the trees and sky presumably……….

Carol Cowley 83rd with a 55.27. What can I say about that. I think the result speaks for itself. Bloody Fantastic.

Craig Prosser is back with us and in 86th with a good strong sub hour 55.57 we hope that the niggles are at bay and we see him a lot more this year. How you feeling Craig?

David came in 88th with 57.01. Again being smart and not risking injury or complications. Well done.

Sheena Moseley 112th and 1h 33 seconds. I'm betting she will be back to wrestle with that hill again!

Thomas Lee 149th 1h06.13, a couch to 5k graduate and here he is taking on a 10k race. From graduating in October!!!!! Fantastic.

Then bringing up the rear we have the girls with eyes on the big picture (Manchester) Samantha and Emma crossing the line at the same time in a respectful 1h06.49.

Now I saw somewhere that Emma actually enjoyed the hill so I'm looking forward to seeing her enter some more races this year with undulation………

1k – Neva ran with her dad Jon on the day and it was fantastic to see her cross the line before you Jon. Well done to our youngest athlete on the day!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Nigel who runs this event and to all of you who support it. It’s the biggest fundraiser for my children’s school in the year. I look forward to seeing you all coming back in 2023 and together scaling that hill again and again…….


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